Asset & Liabilities Management

SunTrust Bank, inspired by the future, is a privately held Commercial Bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria under the BOFIA.

We strive to create the best outcomes for our clients and customers with financial ingenuity that leads to solutions that are simple, creative and responsible. The Bank focuses its lending activities on SME Finance, Retail/Consumer Banking, medium to large Corporate Finance and explores other specialised Development/infrastructure financing activities.


Job Summary:

To focus on interest risk, liquidity risk, foreign exchange risk and capital management as they affect the organization balance-sheet and as they require coordination between assets and liabilities.

Job Responsibilities:

To coordinate the Bank’s balance sheet risk management.

To manage the Asset Liability Committee (ALCO), whether at the board or management level, where established.

To ensure adequate liquidity while managing the bank’s spread between the interest income and interest expense

To approve a contingency plan

To review and approve the liquidity and funds management policy at least annually.

To link the funding policy with needs and sources via mix of liabilities or sale of assets (fixed vs. floating rate funds, wholesale vs. retail deposit, money market vs. capital market funding, domestic vs. foreign currency funding.

Qualification & Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree holder
  • Certified ACI member
    • Minimum 7 years’ experience.
    • Strong numerical skills and an ability to solve problems.
    • Strong communication skills are essential as part of the role.
    • A strong sense of teamwork.
    • A strong technical and practical knowledge of derivatives is required.

To apply kindly send cv to