Documentary Collection

Documentary Collection Or Bills For Collection (Bc)

(Inward – For Local Importer; Outward-for Local Exporter)

“Collection” means the handling by banks of documents in accordance with instructions received from Remitting/Beneficiary’s bank, in order to: International Rule guiding documentary Collection is URC522 Obtain payment and/or acceptance, or Deliver documents against payment and/or against acceptance, or Deliver documents on other terms and conditions


For Import BC:

  • Approved Form M(Supported by Required Document).
  • All regulatory conditions must be fully complied with.

For Export BC:

  • Approved NXP(Supported by Required Document)
  • Exports Proceeds Account
  • All regulatory conditions must be fully complied with.



  • Serves as supplier credit to Local importer.
  • Less Complicated when compared to LC.
  • Process is faster when compared to LC.
  • Constructive Control by the exporter over the goods shipped.
  • Opportunity to review documents sent before making payment.
  • Secured communication between seller and buyer
  • FCY proceeds generation for Local Exporter
  • Export Proceeds management for Local Exporter
  • Means of Expanding income generation




Kindly note that terms and conditions apply.




Benefits of Documentary Collection

Highly Secured

Communication between seller and buyer is secured and not made public.

Easy to Adopt

Less Complicated when compared to Letter of Credit process.

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