IHSAN Ijarah Muntahi Bi Tamleek Financing (Lease-To-Own)

Is a lease contract that concludes with passing the legal title in the leased property to the lessee at the end of the lease tenor? The Lease-to-own-LTO (Ijarah-Muntahiya-Bi-Tamleek) Financing product is arguably the second most popular product in the Global Islamic Banking Industry because of its similarity to existing conventional leasing which is familiar to many and covered within the existing legal framework in diverse jurisdictions globally.

It has an edge over cost plus profit (murabaha) financing because it permits the use of both fixed and variable profit rate unlike murabaha which permits only a fixed rate.



Benefits of IHSAN Ijarah Muntahi Bi Tamleek Financing

Easy Access to Loans

Customer is eligible for application of loans with a SunTrust account

Manage your account with ease

Access to digital banking products & services

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