IHSAN Murabaha Financing

The Cost-plus Profit (Murabaha) Financing is a contract of sale in which both the cost price plus the profit margin is known and agreed upon between the buyer (customer) and the seller (bank).

The Murabaha is the appearance of a tripartite transaction between an end buyer (the customer who is the giver of the purchase order), a supplier (first seller that provides the asset financed) and an intermediate seller (the Bank that performs the purchase order) it is suitable for all form of personal and business financing which can be access through any of the following products:


  • Ihsan Murabaha Auto Finance
  • Ihsan Murabaha Household Finance
  • Ihsan Murabaha Personal and Business Assets Finance
  • Ihsan Murabaha Import and Export Finance
  • Ihsan Murabaha Working Capital Finance

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Benefits of IHSAN Murabaha Financing

Super Convenient

Suitable for all form of personal and business financing

Manage your account with ease

Access to digital banking products & services

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