Salary Advance

Everyone manages money differently. Sometimes having to wait until payday can mean falling back on high-cost debt like a payday loan or overdraft.

Our Salary Advance enables employees to draw down their pay as they earn it, making it easier for them to budget.


  • We Help Employees manage money in a way that works for them.

Get an easy loan has never been so easy and effortless.

Benefits of SunTrust Salary Advance

Build your credit history

Provided you use it responsibly, having a current account will help you build a credit history – something you’ll need if you want to borrow.

Access your cash more easily

Access a network of ATMs (or cash machines) that you can use to withdraw cash from your current account up to a specified limit every day.

Easy Payments

You can set up Direct Debits or standing orders from your account to make regular payments. Plus, your current account will usually include a debit card.

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